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NLUABA8C28iNotes - Fixed an iNotes crash when the Active Content Filter (ACF) tries to filter an image or pdf when the file name is in the data URL of html...
KKOOBJJ9FGiNotes - Fixed an issue where the input [enter] key inserts a <p></p> rather than <br></br>. This regression was introduced in...
UTOOBJJ2GHiNotes - Fix problem that the default mail client setting doesn't work as expected on IE which runs as administrator on Windows 10 version 1809 or...
ANIABJH5DDiNotes - Fix problem that HTML source is displayed when particular type of message is opened in iNotes portal UI.
KKOOAP8A66iNotes - Fix JavaScript error when the user invoke "Track Message" if iNotes nonce check feature is disabled.
KKOOBJJ7YRiNotes - Fix an issue where a needless P tag is generated on hitting enter on IE.
ASHEBKKKVDiNotes - Fixed a problem where Layers in a from were not being rendered properly in browsers. This regression was introduced in...
DMDDBJ54XZiNotes - Fixed an issue where needless notice will not be sent to invitee on adding recipients
KKOOBL9CGUiNotes - Resolved an issue that generating needless P tag on hitting enter on IE
MSAHBH25ZCiNotes - Fixed an issue on in Safari on iPadOS 13 that logging in to iNotes leads to full mode desktop UI instead of Ultra-light mode for mobile...
KKOOBLB85MiNotes - Fixed an issue where the line breaks become paragraphs when copying and editing the mail via Traveler.
KMOABJRBEViNotes - Disabled double-click to open attachments directly in iNotes ActiveX control if option to show extended confirmation for UK Cyber Essensials...
KMOABJR7K5iNotes - Added option to show additional confirmation to open attachments or link to comply with UK Cyber Essensials security practices (Phone...
FPAIBMBKXTiNotes - Fixed an issue in iNotes where the chair cannot remove the subject or location from a meeting.
KKOOBL2A7MiNotes - Fix a problem where the button action is issued to incorrect URL on some incoming messages.
KMOABGKAMXiNotes - Fixed an issue where the meeting will keep the long meeting flags on rescheduling/counter actions.
HHIEBJA6T7iNotes - Fixed an issue where login label on DWALoginForm shows "Log in to HCL iNotes" when "HCL Verse" was selected as login mode, if "Force login...
HHIEBJAAUUiNotes - Fixed a problem where login mode option for HCL Verse does not work on IE11.
KMOABKK97DiNotes - Fixed an issue where a broadcast meeting will not unexpectedly be a non broadcast meeting. This regression was introduced in...
KKOOBLB8U2iNotes - Resolved issue that generating needless P tag on hitting enter on IE
WLIIB465D8iNotes - Fixed an issue where HCL iNotes is susceptible to a Tabnabbing vulnerability (CVE-2020-14225). See KB0085915
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